In the village there are plenty of restaurants where you can put your feet under the table for a low price. see Partners

If you don't always want to cook for yourself, we also offer the possibility to have someone cook for you! Ask for it!

Bicycles, car rental, pick-up and drop-off airport can be arranged! Ask for it. See the links below

Not familiar with the area or no time to plan your rides, no problem we can always offer someone to guide you.

Imagine now, it's raining, which will be unlikely, then we can offer you other alternatives such as spinning, core stability, etc. in a nearby fitness centre.

For a small surcharge we also offer a package of food supplements.

We also inform you that several airlines offer discounts for large groups. Feel free to ask for more information

We can take care of different arrangements! Ask for them!

Bike rental

We have a good cooperation with an excellent bike rental company in the village.

Apart from our partners with whom we have a close cooperation, we can speak to other landlords; we try to meet your wishes!

If you wish to come with your own transport and you do not have the appropriate bicycle transport, we can help you with that at favourable prices.

Car rental

Would you like to be picked up at the airport or would you like to rent a car yourself? We will assist you with advice and assistance in this search. Together with our partners we look for the best solution. Ask for the possibilities!

Bicycle guidance

Is there any doubt because you do not know the area, no problem, we offer you the perfect accompaniment for a small extra charge.